Compliance with AODA lessens liability risk

Many of Ontario’s building owners and managers are now struggling to decipher requirements for barrier-free access in the Ontario Building Code (OBC), under the Accessibility
Legal Law Court

Small environmental impacts must be reported

A recent Supreme Court decision means that property managers should report all irregular environmental discharges, even if it doesn't appear damaging.

Pay when paid

Although there has been no contractual or statutory recognition of the inequity of "pay when paid" clauses up to this point of time, change is on the horizon.
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Alliance contracting

Alliance contracts are incentive-based relationship contracts in which the parties agree to work together as one integrated team.

Streamlining project delivery

Touted as a time and cost-saving measure, design-build project delivery has taken the North American construction industry by storm.

Design-build projects

The popularity of design-build is found in its advantages. One of those is the potential for design innovation. Owners can benefit from creativity generated ...

Managing within the law

An employer may mean to provide its employees with fair employment contracts but when disputes arise, parties often disagree on the rights they ...

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Construction contractors may be tempted to pursue any advantage they can to land a deal. While some advantages may be legitimate opportunities for bidders, some conduct may be anti-competitive and therefore illegal.

Environmental protection legislation

Environmental hazards pose significant potential liability for construction contractors yet the risks associated with violating protection legislation often are given little consideration. Contraventions of Alberta’s

Dispute resolution

More and more, players in construction are turning to alternative dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation in an effort to reduce the cost and delay associated with litigation.

Anti-copying in design

Copyright is defined by Canada's Copyright Act as the sole right to produce or reproduce a work or any substantial part thereof in any material form.