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Friday, October 16, 2020

78% of Americans are concerned about touching surfaces in public restrooms during the coronavirus pandemic. And 67% mention paper towels as their preferred method of drying hands in a public restroom.

An ideal solution for enabling better hygiene in store and improving the customer experience in restrooms, the Tandem Electronic Dispenser offers a variety of benefits to both end-users and custodial staff. This 100% electronic, no-touch dispenser features a large sensor to reliably detect movement across a wider area, while its no-touch design allows end-users to avoid cross-contamination after washing their hands all while limiting consumption with its customizable towel dispensing length and delay timer between every sheet.

Four long-lasting D batteries, as well as an AC adaptor, offer peace of mind, reduced labor costs and a reduced environmental impact for facilities. The Tandem Electronic Dispenser also saves time for custodial staff, with quick-load technology, a quick-check design and two smart LED indicator lights that identify when paper rolls and batteries are running low, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.

Visit our webpage to learn more about it and/or download the white paper on hand hygiene here.

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