B.C. prohibits CECRA-eligible landlords from evicting tenants

B.C. appoints superintendent of real estate

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

British Columbia has appointed Michael Noseworthy as its new superintendent of real estate, effective October 19, 2016. This change comes following the decision to end self-regulation of the real estate industry in B.C. by transferring rule-making powers from 13 elected members to government-appointed officials.

Noseworthy is an experienced regulator and public sector leader, and recently served as a senior government regulator for Yukon and was awarded the Premier’s Award of Excellence for his work in this role. Most recently, Noseworthy held the position of superintendent of real estate, superintendent of insurance, registrar of lotteries and registrar of medical practitioners. Noseworthy has also worked as a private practice lawyer in Newfoundland and Labrador before his position with the Government of Yukon.

“I look forward to drawing upon my experiences as both a regulator and a lawyer with experience in real estate and administrative law to serve the interests of British Columbia’s real estate consumers by working swiftly to implement the reforms initiated by the government,” said Noseworthy in a press release.

Changes to the Real Estate Services Act come into effect Sept. 30, 2016, when they will increase oversight of the real estate industry and enhance buyer and seller protection. The new regulatory framework increases the council’s accountability to government and strengthens the overall governance of various real estate professions. Maximum penalties for licensee misconduct are also increased.

The Real Estate Council will continue to be responsible for licensing, licensee and public education, investigation of licensee conduct and licensee discipline.

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