REALPAC answers call for a real estate sector cultural influencer

REALPAC steps up as COVID-19 cultural influencer

Monday, March 23, 2020

A newly launched online portal will provide REALPAC members and the wider commercial real estate sector with resources and timely updates of Canada’s evolving policy response to COVID-19. Fittingly, a currently posted update points to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plea for “cultural influencers” to get involved — a role REALPAC fulfills as an organization representing most of Canada’s largest real estate companies, funds and institutional investors.

“We thought it would be valuable to log an at-a-glance summary of daily major policy updates and briefings not just for our members, but for the general commercial real estate industry,” explains Minakshi Pai, REALPAC’s director of marketing and communications. “We publish updates multiple times a day and keep the page open to the public.”

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