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Procore announces new productivity and info tools

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Procore Technologies has announced Real-Time Construction Labor Productivity and Time and Material Tickets for specialty contractors to capture more information. The new features allow field teams to easily document and store information, facilitate remote communication, and drive project efficiency.

Real-time insight into productivity means that teams can identify at-risk scopes of work and act fast to re-align with the schedule. Users can now see the financial impact of labour costs and productivity the moment a timesheet is submitted, making it easier for specialty contractors to plan, manage, and track labour costs and productivity with unit-based budgets. Through this feature, users can eliminate manual data transfer between multiple apps and see all of the relevant information in one place. This feature helps users avoid overruns with real-time insights into labour’s impact on the budget.

“We firmly believe that technology can make us better. It’s transforming the way we conduct our business by providing our teams with better tools to improve performance,” said Brad Sandidge, CFO, Marathon Electrical Contractors. “Procore’s new Real-Time Labor Productivity feature allows us to track actual hours versus our budgeted hours by line item and thereby adds more precision to our planning and project management.”

Procore’s Time & Materials (T&M) tickets now make it easy to document out-of-scope work as soon as it’s requested in the field. Changes to T&M are immediately visible in the office. Through the T&M feature, users can collaboratively collect stakeholder e-signatures, log labour, equipment, and materials used, as well as track ticket status – all within one platform. This new feature mitigates risk for specialty contractors and increases visibility.

Procore works closely with industry and has partnered with trade associations to educate, train, and deliver digital literacy for specialty contractors.

“Procore’s vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction continues to drive our company forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaborative technology within the construction industry has become even more integral to business momentum. As the number of tradespeople allowed on many jobsites remains limited, connectivity is increasingly key to project success,” said Tooey Courtemanche, CEO and founder, Procore.

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