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Pomerleau first to use Spot robot on worksite

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Quebec-based Pomerleau is conducting a six-month field usage of a fully-automated, battery-operated moving robot, on one of its worksites near Montreal.

Spot as the device is called is equipped with a 360-degree HD camera attached to its back which is linked with HoloBuilder. The documentation platform allows comparisons with virtual design and construction software, enabling a full site view from a remote connection. The photos will be used to track the project’s progress and adherence to budget, schedule and quality standards.

Designed and built by Boston Dynamics, the Spot robot is equipped with autonomous tracking systems that enable it to identify and avoid obstacles and people, pick itself up after a fall, move in any direction, and quickly change directions. Its tracking systems will enable the robot to explore confined or dangerous areas, improving safety for workers.

According to Pomerleau, they are the first general contractor in the world to use Spot on its worksites. “We are consistently trying out new technologies, tools and ways of working that will ultimately add value to our projects and benefit our clients,” said Eric Lessard, chief digital officer, Pomerleau.

The curation, integration and access to accurate site data is a key enabler of collaboration: “This initiative is in line with Pomerleau’s mission of identifying, leveraging, and championing innovation. Our industry is undergoing a profound transformation,” says Ian Kirouac, head of transformation at Pomerleau. “We foresee robotics playing a large role in it.”

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