New partnership supports net-zero carbon concrete

Thursday, June 3, 2021

A partnership between the Government of Canada and Cement Association of Canada will advance global leadership in low-carbon concrete production and support a roadmap to net-zero carbon concrete.

This partnership and the resulting roadmap will position Canada’s cement and concrete industry to become a global leader in low-carbon cement and concrete production and related clean technologies.

The roadmap will provide Canadian industry with guidance on technologies, tools and policies needed to reach net–zero carbon concrete by 2050, including on:

  • supporting the development of a low-carbon emissions supply chain in Canada and beyond through a data strategy, industrial standards, procurement and promotion;
  • coordinating across the sector and government on high-potential research and investments to develop new technologies, products and processes that reduce the amount of carbon released in the production of cement and concrete; and
  • engaging with federal, provincial and territorial partners, manufacturers, providers of cleantech solutions, and other stakeholders to fulfil the vision of global leadership in low-carbon cement manufacturing toward the goal of net-zero carbon concrete. This will be supported by tools and policies, such as Canada’s strengthened climate plan, the Clean Technology Data Strategy and new measures proposed in Budget 2021.

As part of this partnership, an industry-government working group will be established to support the decarbonization of the sector. It will be led by the Cement Association of Canada, the National Research Council of Canada and the Standards Council of Canada, in collaboration with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

“The Canadian cement and concrete industry has consistently supported strong action on climate change. We proactively champion not only innovation in the manufacturing of cement and concrete but also innovative partnerships to advance the policy solutions needed to meet Canada’s climate objectives,” said Marie Glenn, chair, Cement Association of Canada.

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