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New funding for women in skilled trades

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Canadian government has pledged $76 million to draw more women into the construction trades. Three new programs, announced earlier this week in the 2018 federal budget, will inform women about apprenticeship programs, dispense financial grants for training and provide resources as they move into the workforce.

To begin, the budget commits $46 million over five years for a pre-apprenticeship outreach program that will promote the skilled trades to groups that are currently under-represented in the construction workforce. Post-secondary educators, employers, unions and provincial/territorial governments are expected to collaborate in the effort to make women, disabled people, Indigenous Canadians and newcomers to Canada more aware of career opportunities in the skilled trades.

Female apprentices in skilled trades, categorized as Red Seal trades, could receive up to $6,000 over a two-year period if they are training for employment in a male-dominated field. The budget commits $19.9 million over five years to the incentive program, which potentially tops up the grants of $2,000 already available to all Red Seal apprentices. Currently, less than a handful of the 57 designated trades would be female-dominated or have an even gender split.

An additional $10 million over three years will be directed to programs for mentoring women in skilled trades during their training, while job-seeking and on the jobsite. This complements the Union Training and Innovation Program, launched last year.

11 thoughts on “New funding for women in skilled trades

  1. I am looking forward any information on how to apply for any and all women in trade scholarships bursuraries or loans. I’m currently enrolled at NAIT for my first period apprenticeship on my way to getting my red seal journeyman roofing ticket. I have been a single mom for 21 years. I currently have a minor daughter. And am in need of financial assistance. Any information would help.

  2. Hi I am looking for information a to how to apply for any and all woman trades scholarships bursaries or loans.
    I am looking to start a career in the trades and am in need of financial assistance. Any and all information is appreciated.

  3. Hi, I am looking for information a to how to apply for any and all woman trades scholarships bursaries or loans.
    I am looking to start a career in the trades and am in need of financial assistance. Any and all information is greatly appreciated

    • Make sure you read the writing. They make it seem like they are giving away these scholarships and making these situations possible for every woman BUT there is a catch. They really want young woman, probably single mothers and people who haven’t been working for a long time. I tried to do my second career in a trade and I was refused. I am irate as I am working part time hours with wages that don’t even allow me to make ends meet. These programs are really catered to teens and individuals on welfare or social assistance. If you are any kind of woman aiming to empower yourself, they will make it difficult if you do not meet their exact criteria. I find that discriminatory in itself as every woman should be given the possibility to enter a trade. Just read the writing carefully and seriously fight for it if you want it. I am now told I have to re-apply in September but how am I ever going to make ends meet in the summer as I’m always laid off and my EI does not even cover a car payment. I was told to look into pre-apprenticeship programs but many are “age” based and people will say no. There are giant holes in the system and seriously they are selecting the woman they deem fit. Not very Canadian nor fair, if you ask me

  4. I have contacted ITA in regards to the new $3000.00 grant for level 1 and 2 as I am going to BCIT in the carpentry program. They don’t seem to know about this and are saying it is only $1000.00 per level . Could you please advise me as to when this will start and how to apply for the grant.

  5. Hey I’m interested in finding out about grants bursaries for women’s trade
    I’m taking NORCAT underground mining it’s a 4 week program but $6700.00 in January 2019.
    I’m a middle aged women looking to change careers looking for assistance for registration!
    There must be so thing out there!
    Not sure where to look

  6. I just wanted to clarify that this article is more less stating what the governments new budget is allotting for these groups (women/aboriginal/under represented, etc.). Its giving this money to trades unions/organizations who 1) apply for the grants for equipment to train women/aboriginal people in the trades and 2) for programs to encourage more women/aboriginal people to get into the trades. For the ladies inquiring about bursaries and scholarships, you more then likely already need to be indentured as an apprentice in order to receive these. I would recommend any women who are interested in joining the trades to contact your local trades colleges, seek career counselling to see what trade best suits you, then from there they can point you in the direction of finding funding for tuition. There are a lot of organizations who have the money and are looking to help women get into the trades. If you already know which trade you’d like to enter and cant find employment with a company to get indentured, you might want to see if you can join a trades union (carpenters union, ironworkers union, etc.), as a majority of unions will train/indenture you. I hope that helps ladies, good luck!

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