Modernizing a clothing store brand

Bidgood & Co. Interiors delivers a highly functional retail space in four weeks
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
by Cheryl Mah

When Citizen Clothing relocated to Victoria’s downtown core, they wanted a fresh look that stepped away from its previous vintage industrial space. Delivering a modern and highly functional retail space for an established men’s clothing store within a tight four-week time frame required some serious creative thinking from Bidgood & Co. Interiors.

“From the day we were engaged to the day the doors opened, we only had four weeks,” recalls principal Kyla Bidgood. “We were literally working until the very last minute before the opening. It was a crazy short four weeks, but it allowed us to create something unique that has quadrupled business.”

In addition to the short timeframe, the firm was challenged with a limited budget and a smaller space to display the same amount of merchandise. The solution was to maximize the vertical space with a custom display wall and to revitalize some of the original vintage statement pieces.

“Because the new space was smaller and a different shape, we could not re-use many of the fixtures so whatever we could re-use, we did,” says Bidgood. Original pieces like the cash desk, vintage trunks and lights were painted black including the store signage, which effectively expressed the brand’s aesthetic.

The most eye-catching feature in the store is the display wall with a cross pattern that allows for optimal adjustment and flexibility of the shelving and hooks.
“We came up with a series of simple components that slide into the slots that allow for shelving of different sizes or hooks. It became a design feature on its own – very effective and functional,” says Bidgood.

The other key display sits in the centre of the store, where dowels are hung from the ceiling with black ropes. “It looks very simple but it was very time consuming trying to figure out the best knots, how much weight to counter it and to make sure it won’t twist or swing,” says Bidgood.

The existing platform, change rooms, small storage space and washroom remained from the previous tenant and were incorporated into the layout. The platform was warpped in plywood and a geometric graphic black vinyl pattern was applied to transform it in to a great design feature.

The end result is a space that has modernized the store’s existing brand, speaking to existing customers while drawing in new ones.

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