Edmonton Federal Building achieves LEED Gold

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Edmonton Federal Building (EFB), Parkade and Plaza project has achieved LEED Gold Certification under the Canada Green Building Council’s LEED Version 1.0 for New Construction. Designed by Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd., this project includes the extensive renovation and addition to the EFB and the construction of the Centennial Public Plaza.

The preservation of the existing heritage building has been one of the main design drivers for the project. The project has been dedicated to creating healthy, attractive, and contemporary office spaces for Government of Alberta officials by utilizing the challenging floor plates of the historic building.

The project also involves new public spaces to activate the plaza and serve building employees through the renovation of the main floor which includes a restaurant, café, gift shop, seating areas, visitor centre, and exhibition, theatre and gallery space.

The Government of Alberta has also committed to various LEED and sustainable practices and strategies throughout the project. Features include the living wall and water feature housed in the pavilion which is directly integrated into the mechanical system for the Federal Building, as well as modern heating and cooling systems, new energy efficient windows and excellent access to natural light throughout the upper floors.

Additionally, other sustainable strategies at the operation level include healthy workspace environments, green power, a green housekeeping plan and policy, educational outreach through electronic displays in public areas, and the protection of open space.

Together, these elements contribute to making the EFB an outstanding example of reuse and rejuvenation as it will have a profound impact on the functionality and cohesiveness of the Legislature compound as a whole.

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