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Majority of U.S. businesses plan to increase cleaning frequency

An OpenWorks survey found 83 per cent of business leaders believe they will likely increase cleaning frequency in their facilities upon reopening.
HFC prohibition

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U.S. court ruling sidetracks HFC prohibition

Efforts to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbons in cooling, refrigeration and foam blowing have encountered a legal setback in the United States.
steel tariffs


Americans look north as President Trump takes office

The number of Americans browsing for Canadian properties spiked following the U.S. election last fall, and real estate advisors don’t expect this increased interest to abate any time soon as President Donald Trump takes office today.

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Canadian business cost competitiveness ranked

Mexico and Canada offer the most competitive combination of costs for facilities, utilities, tax, transportation and labour among 10 countries recently surveyed for their amenability to international business.

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Race to build in San Francisco

Developers are in a race to build the next new addition to the San Francisco skyline.

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Houston first U.S. city to recover from recession

The Houston economy has recovered faster than the rest of the U.S. because businesses, consumers and real estate weren't as highly levered as other places throughout the country.