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Real estate listing for American Irish Historical Society draws U.S. and Irish ire

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Real estate listing draws U.S. and Irish ire

Regulatory hurdles are forewarned before any new owner can take possession of the 120-year-old Beaux-Arts mansion housing the American Irish Historical Society.
illegal evictions COVID-19

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New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.
rent-to-own marketing tactics

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New York targets rent-to-own marketing tactics

Through the option-to-purchase approach, prospective homebuyers remained tenants until the end of the option period, but were induced to waive many of their regulatory protections.
discredited firefighting foams

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Makers of discredited firefighting foams sued

The suit seeks to hold the companies liable for contamination that the chemical formulas, PFOS and PFOA, caused to soil and water in the vicinity of four airports in New York State.