Light Rail Transit

Edmonton LRT capital

Construction Business

Edmonton Capital Line LRT extension gets funding

The Government of Canada is investing almost $400 million for the Edmonton Capital Line South Extension – Phase 1 LRT Project.
Edmonton Transit

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Edmonton Transit piloting innovative germ-killing doors

Edmonton Transit partnered with a local biotech company to install antimicrobial push-plates on various swing doors at transit stations.
development momentum

Canadian Property Management

LRT development momentum on track in Toronto

The recently completed $102-million deal for Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites heralds the development momentum attached to the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line, now under construction across a 19-kilometre east-west stretch of the city.
Golden Mile Shopping Centre

REMI Network

Mixed-use plans for Golden Mile Shopping Centre

Plans for the Golden Mile Shopping Centre in Toronto will transform the site into a transit-oriented mixed use community.