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Last chance for Albertans’ input on improving condominium governance

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Albertans that would like to provide input on ways the government can improve condominium governance and dispute resolution have until November 10 to do so.

An online survey is available for the public to take, covering a variety of topics about the day-to-day operations of living in a condo, including:

  • How condo board meetings are run and how votes take place
  • Rules on rental deposit for condos
  • Who should repair units and pay for insurance deductibles
  • How reserve funds are managed
  • What kind of say condo owners get in the rules the board makes
  • How to make sure condo boards have the support they need to fulfill their roles
  • How a condo tribunal could more easily resolve disputes as an alternative to the courts

“About one in five Albertans lives in a condo, and I am looking for the public’s input on ways we can make owning, managing and living in a condo better for everyone,” said Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta, in a press release.

The survey is available at The survey comes following a series of open houses that were held across the province during the summer, where more than 1,100 people shared their ideas.

Input from the survey and open houses will help the government create new regulations related to how condominiums are governed and the way disputes are resolved. The new rules are expected to be finalized in 2018.

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