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COVID-19's regional economic impacts vary with the strengths and vulnerabilities of key sectors

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Regional economic impacts of COVID-19 parsed

The strengths and vulnerabilities of key sectors either muted or accentuated COVID-19’s regional economic impacts, and the pace of recovery is also projected to vary across Canada.
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Ottawa an outlier in housing market slowdown

Ottawa is enduring through the nation’s current housing slump, while other real estate markets in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario are on a steady decline.
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Survey pools Canadian hotel investment trends

Interest remains strong among Canadian hotel investors, but according to a new survey concern over the Canadian economy largely impacts decisions.

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Vancouver leading economic performer in 2015

Economic performance in Vancouver is expected to outpace other urban economies in Canada this year, according to The Conference Board of Canada.

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Stalled economic growth worries central bankers

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz suggests the economy is now on two distinct growth tracks, but acknowledges that hits in the resource sector ripple out to other industries.

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Climate change spurs business opportunity

Tucked into the back of the Metro Convention Centre at Toronto’s Green Living Show on March 27, 2015, a group of scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs

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Multi-family sector adds $24-bil to Canada’s GDP

According to a report from the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac), the Canadian multi-family sector contributes approximately $24-billion to Canada’s economy on an annual basis. This number includes revenue generated through construction, investments, ongoing maintenance and operations, and job creation.

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Office sector helps boost Canadian economy

With the construction of private office buildings and their subsequent operations, activity within the office sector makes a substantial impact on Canada’s economy and standard