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Toronto’s TD Centre achieves LEED Platinum

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The TD Centre in Toronto’s financial district has earned LEED Platinum certification for all its six towers, making it one of the largest LEED Platinum certified properties in North America.

Built in 1967, the 4.5 million-square-foot centre achieved this feat through a number of initiatives, including its Occupant Engagement Program that encourages its 21,000 tenants to help meet progressive consumption targets. For instance, the Centre team installed on every office floor electricity submetering systems that, through a rewards-based program, allow tenants to log in, view, and manage their individual and specific energy uses.

“Sustainability is important to our tenants and their employees, and we want to ensure we are doing everything possible to lessen our environmental footprint,” said David Hoffman, general manager of the TD Centre. “We engage directly with our tenants to implement new programs and adjust based on feedback. This achievement was truly a team effort.”

Sustainable actions in the iconic skyscraper designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also included a reduction in overall energy use by 6.9 per cent since 2013 through the installation of automatic lighting controls, high-end building automation controls, diligent energy management and lighting retrofits.

“Retrofitting heritage buildings is no small task and required commitment from our team and our tenants, as well as our more than $200 million dollar revitalization investment that ensured that we preserved Mies’ timeless design while adding tremendous energy efficiencies,” added Hoffman.

Other noteworthy achievements include accommodating space in its parking lot for 400 bicycles, diverting 80 per cent of its waste by the end of 2014, a 33 per cent reduction in water usage and a 90 per cent reduction in electrical consumption from its connection to the energy and cooling abilities of Lake Ontario.

The TD Centre is currently undergoing a $200 million revitalization that will make the property even more sustainable.

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