Regina condo fire destroys three units

Monday, April 4, 2016

Regina Fire & Protective Services (RF&PS) Investigators recently completed an investigation into a fire that occurred late on March 20, 2016.

The fire, which destroyed three units in a multi-family building at 3750 7th Avenue East in Regina, Saskatchewan, originated on a rear patio and was caused by the improper disposal of smoker’s material. The fire was classified by RF&PS as unintentional and preventable.

RF&PS received several calls about the fire at 11:35 pm on March 20. By the time crews arrived on the scene, the large fire had already spread up the exterior of the low-rise building and into the attic of the complex.

Fire crews evacuated residents and protected adjacent structures. There were no reported injuries caused by the fire, however the complex was damaged beyond repair.

RF&PS reminds residents to discard of smoking material in approved, non-combustible containers, because fires can be caused by disposing these materials in flower pots, planters or plastic containers.

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