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Commercial refrigeration snapshot highlights energy-saving technologies

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), released its latest Benchmarking Snapshot “Commercial Refrigeration,” which utilizes information from the latest PRSM Benchmarking Report, “Energy Benchmarking Initiative Study,” the 2016 IBISWorld Report, “Walk-in Refrigerator in the U.S. – Procurement Report,” and the new DOE Updated Rule to the Energy Policy Act, which will be in effect as of March 2017.

The snapshot features the top energy saving technologies from PRSM retailers:

  • 60 per cent use anti-sweat heater controls.
  • 33 per cent of retailers utilize floating head pressure control and overnight covers for open cases.
  • 17 per cent have implemented fixed doors on medium-temp refrigerators.

“The PRSM Benchmarking Snapshots provide a quick view into a complicated subject. The Refrigeration Snapshot complements full Benchmarking Reports and PRSM White Papers on the subject,” says PRSM CEO Bill Yanek. “This snapshot on Commercial Refrigeration shares information on how retailers are currently saving energy, the average age of equipment and pricing trends through 2019.”

The snapshot follows a two-part refrigeration white paper series. “Keeping Your Cool: An Introduction to Retail Refrigeration Basics – Part 1,” which shares basic refrigeration principles & theories, complexity of refrigeration equipment, regulations and compliance. “Keeping Your Cool Part 2: Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Retail Refrigeration Systems,” addresses the importance of both preventive and routine maintenance of retail refrigeration systems.

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