Kitsilano pool

Newly renovated Kitsilano pool open

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Kitsilano outdoor pool in Vancouver received a $3.3 million dollar upgrade designed to make the swimming experience even saltier. North America’s longest saltwater pool (more than one million litres of fresh salt water), open from May to mid-September, underwent a major upgrade over the winter.

“The structural and mechanical improvements mean we’ll be able to reduce the need for potable water by 80 percent. This will result in a greener building, energy savings and a pure, salt-water swimming experience for the public,” said Park Board Chair Stuart Mackinnon.

Upgrades included the removal and replacement of the pool basin membrane, repairs to the deck, and the addition of pumps to replenish and remove sea water. Improvements to the concrete, new pool coating and control joints mean less water will escape. Prior to the upgrades 430,000 gallons of potable water had to be used a month to top up the pool as the ocean water escaped.

Funding for the pool upgrade came from the Government of Canada and City of Vancouver.

The original Kitsilano Pool was completed in 1931, and it was entirely rebuilt in 1979 with the current heated structure, which spans 137 metres in length – nearly three times longer than an Olympic-sized pool.

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