grease deposits

New safety standard tackles grease deposits

Thursday, August 31, 2017

BRE Global has launched a new standard for ductwork cleaning and maintenance, aligned with Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) requirements for fire safety due diligence. It focuses on combustible deposits — namely grease — that can adhere to ductwork, and outlines protocols for cleaning and maintenance contractors, including guidelines for inspection, documentation and advising clients about inaccessible areas and potential vulnerabilities in the system.

“Regardless of the efficiency of the canopy filters, it is inevitable that grease deposits will build up over time in the kitchen extraction ductwork and canopy,” a BRE release states. “Regular cleaning of the ductwork system is essential. If left, grease will become baked on and carbonized making it extremely difficult to remove, thus reducing the effectiveness of the extraction system, potentially shortening the life of the fan and creating a serious fire hazard that may propagate around the building in question.”

BRE Global will audit companies certified under the new standard to ensure ongoing compliance. This proof of contractors’ competence is expected to support future insurance claims.

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