Montreal’s Biodôme reopening postponed

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Montréal Space for Life announces that the reopening of the Biodôme has been postponed to Spring 2020.

The organization revealed that the delay is a result of the complexity of the project and the current shortage of specialized tradespeople in the construction industry, as well as procurement problems.

The Biodôme is a zoo, an aquarium, a botanical garden and a museum, reproducing several ecosystems with different climates under one roof. The transformation includes:

  • A living wall
  • A mezzanine with new perspectives from high up
  • A wall of ice
  • A lobby opening up to the original structure
  • Redesigned animal habitats

According to the facility’s press statement about the project, the facility cannot reopen until its new animal habitats are fully satisfactory and the animals have had time to become acclimated to their new surroundings.


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