Ikea installs rooftop solar panels on Alberta stores

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On track with its commitment to renewable energy, IKEA Canada announced over 5,000 solar panels are being installed on its stores in Edmonton and Calgary.

At a capacity of 840 kilowatts (kW), the IKEA Edmonton system will be one of the largest commercial rooftop solar systems in the city, with 2,905 panels and expected production of 1180 megawatt hours (MWh). It will offset approximately 878 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The 660kW IKEA Calgary system will have 2,240 panels and expected production of 1000 MWh, offsetting approximately 744 tonnes of C02 emissions per year.

The retailer already has solar panels on all five stores in Ontario and its store in Halifax.

“IKEA is committed to operating our business within the natural limits of the planet – and to enable our customers to do the same,” said Brendan Seale, head of sustainability for IKEA Canada. “These investments support our objectives to manage energy costs effectively, reduce our emissions, and achieve energy independence by 2020.”

Once operational, the solar installations will reduce the company’s annual energy use in Alberta by approximately 25 per cent. IKEA Canada partnered with Energy Efficiency Alberta to finance the two solar projects and RESCo Energy Inc., for the design, installation, and maintenance.

“Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program offers incentives for homes, businesses and non-profits,” said Monica Curtis, CEO of Energy Efficiency Alberta. “We’re very pleased to support IKEA in Calgary and Edmonton by contributing 25 per cent of the total cost of the projects which will reduce C02 by over 40,000 tonnes over their lifetimes.”

The solar panels are expected to be operational by end of the year.



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