GTA condo employs new back-up power solution

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Grange, a property managed by Brookfield Condominium Services, will be the first GTA condominium to implement an innovative and affordable back-up power solution by Magnolia Generation. Magnolia Generation worked with Brookfield to design this solution to meet the needs of condominiums, property managers, boards and residents.

The Combined Heat & emergency Power (CHeP) solution will provide The Grange with unlimited back-up power using cleaner, more reliable natural gas-powered microturbines. It also adheres to a conservation mandate from the Ontario government (through the IESO and Toronto Hydro) to ease demand on the electrical grid.

Other condominiums plan to follow suit due to the benefits the CHeP solution holds for multi-unit residential buildings, such as sustained occupancy back-up power, no upfront capital requirement and no maintenance or operational risk.

“Magnolia Generation came to us three years ago with a concept of introducing co-generation into condominiums,” said Rob Detta Colli, manager of energy and sustainability for Brookfield, in a press release. “They leveraged our knowledge of the industry and worked to create a co-generation/back-up power offering that will set the standard for the condominium segment in Ontario.”

“We are constantly evaluating new technologies for the betterment of our clients,” said Murray Johnson, vice president of client service development at Brookfield. “With the help of the industry’s only IESO Embedded Energy Manager, we are able to scrutinize these technologies thoroughly. This evaluation inspired this new way of providing a more reliable source of back-up power for no upfront costs and, most important, no operational risk.”

“The Board of Directors and the management of YCC 26 are looking forward to working with Magnolia Generation to embrace this new offering for sustainability and security, for this building and the environment,” added William Colucci, The Grange’s senior property manager.

Magnolia Generation specializes in building and operating CHeP systems in multi-unit residential buildings.

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