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First-of-its-kind certification for chairing virtual meetings

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

More than 70 board members and condominium managers recently completed a two-day workshop to earn the industry’s first certification for chairing virtual meetings.

Ontario’s temporary legislative amendments to the Condo Act related to virtual meetings permit corporations to call and hold virtual owner meetings until May 31, 2021. There is talk that these changes could become permanent beyond this date.

As such, the CAI Canada certification attempts to equip condo corporations with better tools to manage virtual meetings, which are now an everyday occurrence.

According to CAI Canada, it’s a chance “to learn the fine distinction between chairing an in-person meeting versus a virtual meeting.” Education is geared towards building skills and gaining more virtual confidence. A few topics covered in the workshop include: structuring the meeting with new technology and voting platforms; developing these script, agenda and presentation; creating a professional meeting culture; how to call motions; and tips for increasing participation.

Future certifications and also one at an advanced level are currently being considered.


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