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Condo owners invited to weigh in on proposed fees

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) is inviting condo owners to weigh in on proposed fees to support the dispute resolution and training services it will start to deliver this fall.

As anticipated, the CAO is proposing to levy a fee of $1 per month per condo unit for an annual fee of $12 to fund services including information for condo owners, mandatory training for condo directors, a public registry of condo corporations, and resources for resolving common issues. The CAO is also proposing to charge users of dispute resolution services fees that start at $25 and escalate up to $200 total if a disagreement moves through all three stages.

Under the CAO’s administration, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) is designed to deliver fast, fair and cost-effective dispute resolution services. In stage one, a $25 filing fee would give users access to an online dispute resolution system, which would give the parties a platform to come to a resolution on their own. In stage two, a $50 fee would give users access to a dedicated CAT mediator who would work with the parties to try to guide them to a resolution. And in stage three, a $125 fee would give users access to a dedicated CAT member who would formally adjudicate the disagreement and issue a binding decision.

The CAO was established by legislative reforms that are expected to start rolling out later this year, and is due to be designated on Sept. 1 as the authority described in recent updates to the Condominium Act. Dispute resolution services for disagreements over condo records and mandatory condo director training are scheduled to become available through the CAO Nov. 1.

The CAO said it will accept input on the proposed fees until July 18.

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