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Condo Pavilion returns to Montreal HomeExpo

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Condo Pavilion is back for a seventh year during the Montreal HomeExpo, taking place at Olympic Stadium from February 9 to 12. Montreal HomeExpo is presented by an association of condo managers and owners of Quebec, Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec (RGCQ) and Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR).

The Condo Pavilion will feature more than 30 exhibitors that are experts in condominiums. Condo owners, directors or professionals can receive free legal advice from specialized lawyers and notaries, as well as attend over 20 free conferences covering every aspect of life in a condominium.

Notably, this year’s Montreal HomeExpo will be attended by Yves Joli-Coeur, author of the new book, Condo Insurance, Everything You Should Know and Condos, Everything You Should Know. These publications provide crucial information to English-speaking co-owners and condominium directors to help illuminate a complex field lacking resources for them. Joli-Coeur, name partner at De Grandpré Joli-Coeur S.e.n.c.r.l., is a Lawyer Emeritus who specializes in condominium law and is the Secreatary general of the RGCQ.

The RGCQ is Quebec’s largest non-profit organization for condo owners and managers. It aims to improve the management of condominium buildings and the quality of life for co-owners through training courses, publications and the standardization of industry practices.

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