CF Chinook Centre unveils new food court

Friday, November 9, 2018

Cadillac Fairview has completed its $17-million renovations of the food court at Calgary’s CF Chinook Centre. Construction started in January 2018.

The new dining hall is 30,000 square feet, seats 835 guests and features 20 dining options. The renovations also included new sorting stations for disposing of organic waste, recyclable and non-recyclable materials, enhanced décor elements, including tiling, upgraded furniture with communal tables and banquets. The outdoor patio area was also revamped

“We are excited to officially open the new Dining Hall at CF Chinook Centre. The transformed space provides a premium dining experience and a diverse range of exciting food choices for everyone to enjoy,” said Paige O’Neill, general manager, CF Chinook Centre in a press release.

“At CF Chinook Centre, we’re committed to making long-term investments in the City of Calgary and we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve and elevate the in-property experience for our valued guests and tenants.”

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