CaGBC offers free LEED certification in Fort Mac

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

With rebuilding efforts underway in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is offering free LEED registration and certification for commercial, institutional and residential projects.

“The resilience of the citizens of Fort McMurray and the surrounding regions is inspiring, and the Council wanted to do its small part to help rebuild this wonderful community,” said CaGBC President and CEO Thomas Mueller. “Sustainable housing with durable, quality construction, improved energy and water efficiency and healthier indoor spaces will provide lasting benefits to residents.”

The CaGBC says it will also work with LEED Canada for Homes Providers EcoAmmo and 4 Elements Integrated Design, who will offer free LEED administration services to residents who would like to rebuild or renovate through the CaGBC program.

“In amongst the tragedy is the opportunity to rebuild homes that are more efficient, comfortable and healthier, allowing citizens to thrive and rebuild their strong community,” said Brandy Burdeniuk, founding principal at EcoAmmo Sustainable Consulting Inc

“Having recovered from several floods myself, I know the pressure to ‘get back to normal’ as quickly as possible, but when completing a full rebuild families have a huge opportunity to build better, stronger and more resilient communities that all of Alberta can learn from,” added Tyler Hermanson, director and lead designer at 4 Elements Integrated Design Inc.

For more information on the program being offered in Fort McMurray, please contact LEED Canada for Homes.

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