Boxing Day

Boxing Day discounts better than Black Friday

Friday, November 27, 2015

While Black Friday sales are often plugged as being the lowest prices of the year in both the U.S. and Canada, in turns out that Boxing Day and Boxing Day week offer bigger discounts in Canada, especially on electronics, appliances and items under $100.

As evidenced in its National Retail Report for fall 2015, Colliers compared advertised prices of randomly chosen items from Black Friday and Boxing Day flyers from nine national chain retailers. The company then matched identical items with the same product codes from retailers, such as Best Buy, Home Depot, The Bay, Walmart, Future Shop, Sears and Staples.

Of the 44 products surveyed, 21 were discounted equally in both flyers and 16 were offered at a greater discount on Boxing Day. Seven were discounted more on Black Friday. Overall, Boxing Day deals on items more than $100 averaged 31 per cent off regular price compared to 30 per cent off on Black Friday.

Any items below $100 were discounted by 35 per cent on Boxing Day and only 27 per cent on Black Friday.

Most of the products surveyed were appliances and electronics, which were discounted more on Boxing Day. Meanwhile, products like bedding, tools and furniture was discounted more on Black Friday by a 10 per cent difference.

With December right around the corner, it’s projected that British Columbia and Ontario will lead with the strongest retail sales growth, while Alberta and Saskatchewan, two provinces that led the nation in retail sales growth from 2011-2014, will see negative growth this year.

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