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Mobile health unit takes shape at Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook Hospital is currently assembling a mobile health unit as Toronto remains one of Ontario's hardest hit regions during the pandemic.
Sunnybrook Hospital

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Sunnybrook Hospital abuzz with beekeeping first

Sunnybrook Hospital has become the first healthcare facility in Toronto to welcome honeybees to its 100-acre property.
Great Gulf


Great Gulf raises funds for Youth Bipolar Disorder

A recent golf tournament put on by Great Gulf raised a record $209,378 for Youth Bipolar Disorder at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

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Ontario invests in Sunnybrook blood cancer facility

Ontario is investing in a new facility at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to provide specialized treatment for people suffering from blood cancers.

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Ontario to provide $175-mil for hospital repairs

Ontario has announced it will invest $175 million in 2016-17 to hospitals across the province to keep them in good repair, a $50 million increase over 2015.