Fraser Institute



Larger mortgages a factor in higher home prices: study

Over the past 17 years, Canadians were able to qualify for larger mortgages due to declining interest rates and rising incomes, says the Fraser Institute.
land-use regulations


City land-use regs cause rising home prices: study

According to a new study released by policy think-tank the Fraser Institute, municipal land-use regulations may to be blame for the falling supply of new

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Energy conservation critics rely on niche study

A new report questioning the cost-effectiveness of Ontario's energy conservation programs extrapolates from a 2015 U.S. study to make its case, even though one of the co-authors of that study has warned readers not to draw wider inferences from her work.
Q3 investment trends

Canadian Property Management

CPPIB asset allocation scorned and defended

Real estate analysts suggest there's more 'tank' than 'think' in the Fraser Institute's recent characterization of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board's asset allocation strategy.