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Multifamily asset class wins lender confidence

Lenders to the Canadian commercial real estate industry aren't losing much sleep over their allocations to the multifamily asset class, as just 2.2 per cent of recent survey respondents report concerns about its prospects.

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Devalued yuan hits Chinese property developers

Chinese property developers with foreign currency financing face both diminished revenue and higher debt service costs following the recent devaluation of the yuan.
Economist downplays Canadian household debt


Economist downplays Canadian household debt

A noted Canadian economist argues that record household debt levels pose few threats in light of borrowers' healthy net worth, gains in asset value and projected continued low interest rates.


Household debt levels a cause for concern: report

A new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is raising concerns about the stability of Canada’s housing market. According to the global economy forum, Canadian household debt levels are among the highest recorded in Western countries.