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convenience retail channel supports daily life during COVID-19 upheaval

Convenience retail channel steps up to crisis

A vast network of small and mid-sized businesses support the continued functioning of daily life in Canada.
coronavirus trends

Coronavirus will accelerate CRE trends

The coronavirus outbreak will accelerate trends that had been forming in commercial real estate (CRE) and cause dramatic changes in the industry.
digital Earth Day 2020 focuses on individual actions for collective change

Individual actions drive digital Earth Day 2020

This year’s 50th anniversary event is already in progress, in homes and online, as organizers launched 22 days of daily challenges for promoting climate change resilience on April 1.
Real estate, legal and financial services providers are rallying to support the Canadian hotel industry

Canadian hotel industry draws troubleshooters

Real estate, legal and financial services providers have come together to offer support and work their networks on the hotel sector's behalf during the COVID-19 crisis.
hourly wage increase promised for Commissionaires security personnel

Security agency pledges hourly wage increase

Security personnel on the Commissionaires Canada payroll in Ontario can expect an hourly wage increase of $2 effective April 6, reflecting their current status as essential provincial workers and the front line pressures they are facing.

Global COVID-19 response group launches

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and Leesman are joining forces to build a global pan-industry response group
Ontario municipalities revise schedules for property tax payments

Schedules for property tax payments in flux

Late penalties for Toronto property tax, water and solid waste utility bills have been suspended until mid-May, while ratepayers get an additional 60 days to make tax payments. Mississauga has added 90 days to its tax payment deadlines.
multifamily and retail stability on the CRE priority list

Multifamily and retail stability on priority list

Some of Canada’s most prominent commercial real estate players are tackling the challenge of COVID-19, asset class by asset class.
CRU relief plan available in NADG's community malls

Community mall operator unveils CRU relief plan

Small tenants in 12 of North American Development Group’s community shopping centres may be eligible to defer rent obligations for up to two months.
sliding RevPAR

Hotels brace for steeply sliding RevPAR in Q2

Already, it’s projected that the COVID-19 hit on hotels will be more severe than the combined losses following the 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S. and 2008 economic crisis.
education property tax deferrals introduced in Ontario and Alberta

ON/AB: education property tax relief introduced

Alberta and Ontario are offering ratepayers temporary relief from the education portion of property tax bills.
key building services deemed essential in Ontario and Quebec

ON/QC: access to key building services assured

Building owners, managers and occupants can be assured that life-safety systems, telecommunications, elevators and HVAC can be maintained and repaired as necessary, and that janitorial and security staff are permitted on-site.
Ontario adopts flat electricity rate for 45 days

Ontario adopts flat electricity rate

With the government's request for people to stay home as much as possible, many residential customers had been racking up inescapable higher costs of consuming electricity during the daytime hours.

SmartCentres offers free space for COVID-19 efforts

SmartCentres will be offering rent-free use of its space to help support governments and health care authorities during the COVID-19 emergency.
favoured lease horizons vary with the economy

Favoured lease horizons vary with economy

Commercial landlords may be looking differently at the mix of lease horizons in their buildings and across their portfolios than they did a few weeks ago.
REALPAC answers call for a real estate sector cultural influencer

REALPAC steps up as COVID-19 cultural influencer

Fittingly, a currently posted update points to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plea for “cultural influencers” to get involved.
HVACR technicians adhere to Health Canada protocol

HVACR technicians adhere to health protocol

A newly released message to consumers underscores the critical role the industry plays in the viability of indoor environments and in safeguarding food, medical supplies, data and other strategic services.