Vaccine efforts ramp up for residential builders in Ontario

Monday, June 7, 2021

The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) has stepped up efforts to ensure that builders and workers know how to register for their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The COVID-19 information section on its website now has details on rapid testing resources, a vaccine policy template, health and safety best practices and a guidance sheet that outlines steps workers can take to find out where and when they can get vaccinated, with links to register for the shots.

“This website information is another tool to ensure that everybody has the information they need to stay safe, get tested and find out where they can get vaccinated,” says RESCON Vice-President Andrew Pariser. “The key to ensuring our industry remains safe and leads the Ontario economy out of this recession is rapid testing and vaccinations.”

The vaccine guidance sheet is updated several times a week by Ahd AlAshry, policy and programs analyst at RESCON. It provides members, the construction industry and public with critical information, so that they are able to quickly register and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The site also has links to posters and flyers, information on everything from glove sanitizing to correct handwashing techniques, proper use and care of face coverings on worksites, and more. Visitors to the site can also click on links that provide information on caseloads across Ontario and Canada.

RESCON has also held three webinars to educate members about regulations, best practices and public health measures related to COVID-19 and will be hosting another in late June. The organization’s rapid testing group now has more than 10 members administering thousands of tests a week on dozens of sites.

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