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U of Calgary’s green cleaning program awarded CIMS-GB certification from ISSA

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The University of Calgary recently earned ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification for its dedication to green cleaning and high-quality human and environmental health standards.

The university is the second post-secondary institution to receive this honour in Canada, and has also earned the maximum points needed to register for the LEED program. CIMS-GB is now included as a direct compliance option in the new version of LEED EB: O&M.

The two-year process to become a greener and safer campus, involved professionalizing caretaking operating procedures, equipment, products and training.

“This designation sets us apart, particularly as a post-secondary institution in Canada,” Steven Gasser, associate vice-president of Facilities Management said in the university’s news release. “It shows our long-standing commitment to sustainability and recognizes that we are positioned to perform to the highest green cleaning standard in the industry.”

Some key features of the institutions’s green cleaning program include the use of EcoLogo or Green Seal rated cleaning products and ergonomically designed tools for staff to reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

“We’ve partnered with industry and collaborated across campus to make sure our products and practices are aligned with the university’s operational sustainability goals,” said Samuel Whyte caretaking program manager of Facilities.

According to the university, the caretaking staff are trained as specialists in four areas, articulated through four colours: red for washrooms and locker rooms; yellow for classrooms and laboratories; blue for offices and lunchrooms; and green for public spaces like elevators and hallways.

A professional caretaker training curriculum offers development opportunities and ensures staff remain knowledgeable on the latest cleaning standards and methods, while encouraging feedback on effective and comfortable practices and tools.

“We want the university to feel confident in our service,” says Michael Love, director of caretaking of Facilities. “Our people are professionals; we are working to the highest standard to provide our staff and everyone on campus with a safe and healthy environment.”

Photo by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

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