Smart tech developers rate restroom satisfaction

Friday, October 21, 2016

To help facility managers monitor restroom satisfaction and detect potential customer loss, VisionState, a smart technology company, collected data on customer feedback through WANDA, a smart device that tracks cleaning and maintenance activities in public facilities.


The feedback was gathered while customers were still in the restroom. According to VisionState, “if there is no mechanism in place to express their level of satisfaction, customers typically walk out the door never to return.”


“The mere fact WANDA is on the wall in the first place demonstrates the fact that the facility is serious about restroom cleanliness,” added John Putters, president of VisionState. “Now facility managers will be able to ask patrons to share their experience, and if that experience was negative, what caused it to be that way.”


The feature was designed to run on the existing WANDA device, a 10 or 15 inch industrial tablet that is mounted at the entrance of restrooms and prominently displays the time and date of the last cleaning. Facility staff use the device to log in and enter cleaning activities performed and supplies used, providing an audit trail for managers to track who cleaned what, and when.


Customers can rate their experience with a range of happy to sad faces. To provide context to the responses, a bad experience will prompt the customer to indicate what aspect of the restroom experience was negative.


Collected data is accessed through the content management system, which provides detailed reports on the use of WANDA, as well as an analytics dashboard that highlights an overall view of how well areas have been maintained.


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