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Non-profit launches to protect Montreal home buyers

Monday, February 10, 2020

Non-profit SOS Plan de garantie résidentielle is now offering free support services to protect the rights of home buyers in Montreal.

Buyers of new homes who are covered by the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings can now take advantage of services already offered throughout Quebec.

The Regulation on the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings, which came into force in 2015, has brought many improvements in the area of new residential construction in Quebec. However, some difficulties remain.

“The idea of SOS Plan de garantie résidentielle was born from a clear observation: buyers of new homes rarely know their rights and, in the event of contractor default, are often lost as to the solutions available to them”, said Gina Baroni, director of SOS Plan de garantie résidentielle.

In addition to helping buyers understand the Guarantee Plan, SOS Plan de garantie résidentielle wishes to become the best reference for them in the event of difficulties. The organization offers a toll-free number for questions, free support from a legal expert and, for specific cases, free assistance from a legal adviser.

“We want to support all buyers, wherever they are in their buying cycle,” Baroni added. “There are things to know before you even sign a sales contract or move in. There are also a range of possible options when buyers face challenges with their contractor… and you need to know about them! This is where we can make a difference.”


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