Mobile device is top factor in hotel booking

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Results from a global study illuminate changing behaviours among Canadian travelers when finding the right hotel. Mobile Travel Tracker pooled 9,200 people across 31 countries. The report found a mobile device is the number one travel accessory and almost a third of Canadians use one to regularly book their hotel stay. This statistic rises to 42 per cent for those aged 30 to 40.

Meanwhile, short breaks at home (19 per cent), short breaks abroad (16 per cent) and business trips (16 per cent) are the main occasions Canadians make their hotel reservations on mobile.

These travelers are also booking hotels from everywhere, while on multiple devices, and care more about how they pay as opposed to how much. Same day bookings, meanwhile, are growing more common, with 37 per cent of Canadians doing so, while nine per cent are booking their stay in the airport departure lounge.

Here are the top five influencing factors for Canadians to book travel on mobile:

  • Payment method is right – 45 per cent
  • Price is best value – 42 per cent
  • Genuine guest reviews – 40 per cent
  • There is relevant and detailed info on the hotel – 37 per cent
  • Lots of hotel photos – 37 per cent


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