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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Property

How to refresh your property, inside and outside, for spring
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring has officially arrived! As a property manager, spring cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list. This is because residue from winter’s snow, ice and salt can leave a parking garage looking extra dirty, litter that has been trapped under the snow is suddenly revealed and overall, the building and its surroundings appear less than fresh.

A waste equipment cleaning company like Metro Jet Wash can help tackle your spring cleaning to-do list with these five steps to refresh your property.

Clean underground parking

Thoroughly cleaning your underground parking garage can require a multi-step approach.

Metro Jet Wash’s first step is to use mobile sweeping machines (about the size of a small car) to power sweep underground garages, parkades, parking lots and driveways. These machines can power sweep up to 10 times more effectively than manual sweeping. Power sweeping also helps keep dirt and debris out of drains, preventing clogging.

The second step is to treat oil spots with environmentally-friendly products before scrubbing with an aggressive brush.

Lastly, they bring out their 3,500 psi pressure washers to aggressively remove dirt, grime and contaminants.

Together, these treatments will remove the majority of oil stains, dirt and salt from all your garage surfaces. This is an essential step in any preventative maintenance program, because leaving these contaminants unchecked can lead to permanent long-term and costly problems.

Paint new lines

Chipped or faded parking lot paint is frequently seen in spring. Re-painting your lines is an inexpensive and easy fix that can freshen up the whole look of your property. Stenciled words, space numbers and images should also be refreshed in parking lots, fire routes and reserved parking spaces to help keep cohesion and order.

Vacuum drains and catch basins

Metro Jet Wash employs the use of low-profile vacuum equipment and vehicles for low clearance underground garages to clear out catch basins and sump pits completely.

For sump pits, Metro Jet Wash will inspect them before cleaning to ensure they are in working order. This is because many sump pits require pump re-priming after cleaning.

Cleaning catch basins regularly is critical to your property’s health as they can build up sludge quickly, especially during the winter months. Cleaning and flushing the drains and catch basins will help protect your property from flooding.

If your property’s drains are clogged with dirt and debris, they must be cleared using heavy duty mechanical equipment like high-pressure water pulsating “jetter” snakes. For routine maintenance and to prevent them from becoming repeatedly clogged, drains should be flushed regularly to keep them flowing and easy to clean.

Clean out trash chutes and compactors

When preparing a building for spring, refreshing the building’s interiors is just as important as the exteriors. Doing a thorough cleaning of trash chutes can improve the quality of life of residents and improve the building’s appearance and scent.

Conjunctively, there is also the compactor to tackle. Trash compactors can accumulate a layer of flammable sludge over time, making the compactor look – and smell – filthy. To address these concerns, Metro Jet Wash will take all the necessary precautions and proper steps to ensure the safety of your buildings’ key equipment while it is being cleaned.

First, the equipment is “locked-out and tagged-out” prior to cleaning, which ensures the power is off and the machine is inoperable. Then, a hand scraper is used to remove built-up sludge. Next, the electrical equipment is bagged.  Finally, the compactor is degreased and pressure washed, along with the surrounding area.

Cleaning trash compactors at least once a year is a good preventative measure. Leaving these critical areas unattended can cause the flammable sludge to build up, ignite, or other potentially larger and expensive problems.

New season, new scent

After you have cleaned and removed all reminders of winter from your property, the final step is to make it smell as good as it looks. Metro Jet Wash’s MJW Odour Solutions division does this with ambient scenting.  Basically, it is the introduction of a pleasing aroma that neutralizes odours (via an odourless receptor blocking system) and helps enhance a resident’s experience.

To introduce ambient scenting to your property, MJW Odour Solutions will provide a complimentary building assessment.  This includes a discussion about odours emanating from problem areas like compactor rooms, trash collection storage areas, and public areas such as the lobby, fitness centre and public bathrooms, to name a few. After the evaluation, recommendations are provided on the best type(s) of products to use.

Spring cleaning your property doesn’t have to be a problem. Hiring a professional service like Metro Jet Wash, who employ WHIMIS-certified and safety trained staff providing quality workmanship, can help you quickly and easily reap the rewards of a clean and fresh building for spring and throughout the year.

For more information, please visit http://www.metrojetwash.ca/ and http://www.mjwodoursolutions.com/.


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