Five benefits of training videos in the JanSan industry

Thursday, September 13, 2018
By Tom Morrison

In many industries, training videos have become an additional layer of training and instruction. They create a deeper understanding of how to perform specific tasks, and the training they provide appears to have “staying power.”

This is important because studies indicate many people forget most of what they have been taught within 30 minutes of a training session. While some organizations in the professional cleaning industry such as Kaivac, with their KaiTutor™ training system, have introduced training videos designed for cleaning workers, many others have not realized the power training videos can have.

To help JanSan industry organizations appreciate the value of training videos, here are five of the key benefits of using videos to help train cleaning workers:

Cost Savings

While training should begin with in-person training instructors, “follow-up training should be turned over to training videos,” says Matt Morrison, communications manager for Kaivac. “This can drastically reduce the amount of time [necessary] to train workers, producing significant cost savings.”

Worker Engagement

Videos engage and motivate workers, says Morrison. “They also make people feel like they have their own personal trainer, helping them learn,” he adds.

Accessibility 24/7

Some video training systems attach to cleaning equipment so that they can be accessed whenever and wherever the equipment is used. This way, cleaning workers can review things they have been taught, to make sure they are performing tasks correctly.

Play, Pause, Practice.

Training videos are especially valuable when training new workers. They can watch how a task is performed; stop the video, and then practice performing that task. “Employers… must allow ‘learning by doing’ to be the dominant teaching method for training because of the potential for costly errors made by novice employees,” said Roger C. Schank, Ph.D., formerly with Northwestern University.

Eliminates Embarrassment

When a worker is performing poorly or not performing a task correctly, the reason may be they are too embarrassed to ask for help. Asking for help is not an issue with videos that are available for help at any time.

Tom Morrison is the vice-president of marketing, Kaivac, Inc., a developer of science-based hygienic cleaning systems that protect the health of building occupants while raising the value of cleaning operations. For more on training videos visit

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