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Dream aligns philanthropy with learning

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dream Unlimited Corp. and its founder and CEO, Michael J. Cooper, have donated $1 million to Toronto’s Women College Hospital as part of an envisioned ongoing learning partnership with the hospital. The financial support will go to a new outpatient care and research facility, known as the Hospital of the Future, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2015.

“Dream and Women’s College Hospital are building something truly extraordinary: a partnership that is not just about philanthropy, but about how we can literally work together to improve the lives of Canadians by sharing ideas and approaches that will help each of our organizations grow,” says Katherine Hay, president and CEO of the Women’s College Hospital Foundation.

To date, the new partners have held two joint learning seminars, drawing on expertise within both organizations. Toronto-based Dream employees have also attended a education session about health for women, innovation and leadership.

“Although our industries are very different, what Women’s College is doing makes a lot of business sense to me,” Cooper observes. “It’s an organization that I’m incredibly proud to invest in and partner with.”

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