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Digital tool aids short-term leasing for pop-ups

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A new online platform connecting landlords and space seekers has launched, offering a place to connect people and businesses for short-term leasing in the pop-up industry.

pop-up go is the brainchild of founder and chief connector Linda Farha, who says landlords and entrepreneurs are hunting for innovative ways to “leverage the power of pop-ups,” an industry valued at more than $50 billion.

“With an expected 78 per cent increase in pop-up stores in the next five years, according to a poll by Retail Wire, the short-term leasing industry is quickly growing in importance for brick and mortar,” says Farha. “It is, however, time consuming for landlords and space seekers to find each other.”

The platform is a lot like vacation rental apps, Farha says, where it connects these groups to list, search and select appropriate spaces. Ultimately, empty places are expected to transform into “revenue generating opportunities.”

“Big name brands, online-only sites, and musicians and local artisans are giving pop-ups a try,” she adds. “Digital convenience is driving the desire for products around the globe, but consumers still want the tangible experience of physically going into a space. pop-up go helps connect these two worlds.”

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