CCI-Toronto appoints new president

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) has appointed a new president, Mario Deo, for its Toronto and Area Chapter. Deo, who has been involved with the CCI-Toronto Chapter since 2005, began his leadership role within the organization on November 27. He previously served on the institute’s Board of Directors.

An active participant in the condominium industry, Deo is a partner with Fine & Deo Barristers and Solicitors, a firm of eleven Toronto condo lawyers representing over 1,000 condominium corporations throughout Ontario. He has presented at several CCI-T courses and the annual CCI-T/ACMO Condominium Conference. He also served as the editor of CCI-Toronto’s ‘CondoVoice’ magazine and is the Chair of the Consumer Advisory Committee at Tarion, a private corporation established to protect the rights of new home buyers.

During his presidency, Deo will work with the following CCI-T members:

  • 1st Vice President – Sally Thompson, P.Eng
  • 2nd Vice President – Vic Persaud, BA
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Bob Girard, B.Comm, RCM, FCCI
  • Immediate Past President – Brian Horlick, B.Comm, B.C.L, LL.B, ACCI, FCCI
  • Director – Brian Antman, CPA
  • Director – Marc Bhalla, Hons BA, Q. Med
  • Director – Armand Conant, B.Eng, LL.B., D.E.S.S. (Sorbonne)
  • Director – Tania Haluk, RCM
  • Director – Henry Jansen, P.Eng, ACCI
  • Director – Murray Johnson, RCM
  • Director – Lisa Kay, BA, CCI (Hons)
  • Director – Ernie Nyitrai
  • Director – Vic Persaud, BA
  • Director – Bill Thompson, BA, RCM, ACCI, FCCI

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