Busch Systems launches free recycling, waste collection analytics software program

Monday, April 24, 2017

After two years in production, Busch Systems, a leading manufacturer of recycling, waste and compost containers, is launching the Resource Center, a free waste and recycling analytics software program designed to track waste management efforts at the station level.

The Resource Center is said to be user-friendly, and its primary function is to provide statistics on diversion rates and showcase the breakdown of the users recycling streams, the amount of money saved, and more data on the positive impact recycling efforts are making on the environment, all in real-time.

“Our passion is helping organizations reach their sustainability goals and this new software offers all of the tools to help make this happen,” says Marketing Manager Mike Baxter. “The Resource Center is effective for all levels of sustainability programs across all verticals. It is suitable for the beginner to advanced user as it provides analytic display options for both introductory and sophisticated tracking and analytics.”

Beyond providing analytics, the Resource Center provides additional resources such as how-to guides, modern marketing materials, educational resources and an exclusive choropleth mapping tool, which provides visuals of sustainability from county, regional and state/provincial levels.

“Most of the algorithms were designed solely for this software and the fact that we’re offering this service complementary is unprecedented as far as we know,” Baxter notes. “We’re continuing to prepare additional upgrades and phases to the Resource Center so there will always be something new to discover for the user.”

The Resource Center, powered by Busch Systems, goes live on Wednesday, April 26 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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