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Why the future looks bright for the automation lighting sector
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whether it’s for safety, function or aesthetics, lighting has a big impact on how a property looks and operates. Recent advances in technology have allowed for enhanced lightning solutions that are both energy efficient and affordable. Today’s buildings are outfitted with sleek LED lights and designs, and smart products that are intelligent, durable and long-lasting.

In fact, it’s fair to say a mobile revolution has hit the automation lighting sector. Now, apps installed on smart phones and tablets can allow property and facility managers to control networked LED products, both inside and out, remotely.

At the helm of this revolution is LEDVANCE, a new company that emerged from the lamps business unit of North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA.  Starting in July, LEDVANCE LLC will begin independent business operations and will predominately offer SYLVANIA branded products to North American customers.

The SYLVANIA product portfolio will cover traditional lighting, modern LED lamps and standardized over-the-counter luminaires, as well as connected and intelligent lighting solutions for smart applications.

Indoor and outdoor technology

The lighting leader recently launched its new portfolio of indoor and outdoor over-the-counter LED luminaires at the 2016 LIGHTFAIR trade show in San Diego.

“Our standardized LED luminaires can be easily installed in a variety of common business applications,” said Maren Bochinger, head of Professional Luminaires, US and Canada, LEDVANCE.  “Plus the benefits go beyond our trusted products.  They include the service and support customers have counted on for decades from their SYLVANIA team.”

Product highlights:

  • SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Wall Pack Luminaires – LED alternatives to traditional HID or Incandescent fixtures, offering up to 80 per cent in energy savings. Perfect for illuminating building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways and stairwells, the Wall Pack series is offered in three housing styles:  an aesthetically pleasing slim design, cut-off version to minimize light pollution, and a non-cut-off version that provides superior vertical and downward illumination. All are available with optional photo control and offered in three wattages/lumen packages, ranging from 30W to 75W and 2700 to 8600 lumens.
  • SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Canopy and Vapor Tight Luminaires – Designed for parking garages, stairwells, industrial areas, canopies, entryways and outdoor walkways, the durable line delivers 4800 to 6200 lumens and are offered in 40W and 55W versions, delivering an energy savings of up to 78 per cent compared to traditional HID luminaires. They have a slim design that is beneficial for installations in tight ceiling spaces and are aesthetically pleasing.  Vapor Tight Luminaires deliver up to 5200 lumens via only 50W, are IP65 rated, and are offered with motion/daylight sensor and emergency backup options.
  • Indoor SYLVANIA LED Luminaires  –  Easy to install, this product provides uniform illumination in offices, retail or hospitality areas.  Available in 2X2 and 2X4 versions, SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Retrofit Door Kits have a single piece “door frame” making them easy to retrofit traditional fluorescent lens troffer luminaires.  Benefits include up to 44 per cent in energy savings, improved vertical illuminance and minimized glare.  The lightweight SYLVANIA LED Troffer Retrofit Kit safely installs in less than four minutes with no risk of electric shock because of the direct line voltage.  The Universal input voltage kit, available in 2X2 and 2X4 versions, also eliminates any ballast incompatibility issues by bypassing existing ballasts.  SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Edge-Lit Panels have a slim design that is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for installing in tight ceiling spaces. These feature a flat-lens Edge-Lit diffuser, also designed to minimize glare and eliminate the harsh prismatic look found with other options on the market.  Offering up to 47 per cent in energy savings, Edge-Lit Panels are available in 1X4, 2X2 and 2X4 versions.

More about LEDVANCE

“As the lighting industry is going through a lot of changes, some fundamentals remain the same. We continue to build on our values by focusing on our leading product range, quality, our very reliable supply chain, and the strength of our solid SYLVANIA brand in North America,” said Jes Munk Hansen, CEO of LEDVANCE. “We will continue our leadership in the lighting industry by investing in the future and staying flexible and adapting to change.”

To find out more about LEDVANCE and how it will redefine the role of lighting in a connected world, visit



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