canada line richmond

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Richmond set to build new Canada Line station

The City of Richmond will be getting a new Canada Line station with the transfer of $28 million in developer-supported funds from the city to TransLink.
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Upgrades to Metro Vancouver’s longest escalators

Upgrades to Metro Vancouver's longest escalators at the Granville SkyTrain station is set to begin and will take two years to complete.
Pattullo Bridge

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B.C. announces construction of new Pattullo Bridge

The B.C. government is moving forward with the construction of a $1.4-billion bridge to replace the aging Pattullo Bridge.

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WestPro awarded Bear Creek Bridge contract

WestPro has been awarded the $5 Million contract to construct the Bear Creek Bridge replacement, setting the stage for LRT south of the Fraser River.

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Metro Vancouver examines mobility pricing

Metro Vancouver will examine mobility pricing with the official launch of the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission. “Mobility pricing is a key pillar of the Mayors’

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Evergreen Line set to open in B.C.

The B.C. government has announced that construction on the $1.43 billion Evergreen Line is now complete and that the new transit system is set to