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Michigan prison to treat 2000 inmates for scabies

Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, a Michigan women's prison has been closed to visitors to treat a scabies outbreak that has afflicted the inmate population for more than a year.
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Ont. correction facilities to use full-body scanners

Over the next two years, Ontario will be installing advanced technology full-body scanners in all 26 adult provincial correctional facilities as part of its corrections

Canadian Facility Management & Design

$42.3-mil correctional facility opens in N.S.

A new $42.3-million correctional facility has officially opened in Priestville, N.S. Known as the Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility, the jail replaces the aging Antigonish and Cumberland penitentiaries, built in 1948 and 1890, respectively. The new building is the second largest correctional facility in the province.