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The tech-savvy resident

How Rogers is re-defining internet and entertainment for Canada's multi-res consumers
Friday, November 15, 2019

It’s a content-streaming, always connected, on-the-go world of online entertainment, and condo residents expect nothing less.

No matter their location or accommodations, the fact is Canadian condo seekers are favouring accommodations with high-speed connections, cutting-edge entertainment, and the tools to connect with friends, family, and co-workers across the globe.

“Canadians have the same expectations for their internet, TV, and phone services regardless of where they live,” says Greg Stokes, Director of Sales with Rogers Communications. “They want fast, reliable, and top-quality access to their networks – and they want it on their terms.”

Certainly, the days of basic cable and landline services have passed. And to meet today’s tech-savvy demands, the telecommunication industry is forging stronger inroads with multi-residential owners/managers to bring industry-leading internet, phone, and TV services to Canada’s multi-res communities.

For example, says Stokes, “Our network is already 90% hybrid fibre-coaxial, which allows us to maintain more than one-gigabyte speeds through our Ignite internet service. That translates to 4K residents want, but what they are coming to expect.”

Connectivity and control

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is among the technologies that are redefining home entertainment. The technology uses lightning-fast internet speeds to deliver 4K visuals, crystal-clear audio, and reliable streaming entertainment.

Moreover, says Stokes, IPTV is being used in concept with advanced applications and systems to provide consumers with greater customization and control over their internet and entertainment services: “The advance of streaming, cloud-based platforms, and mobile technologies has opened up so many ways for customers to get content, but it can be overwhelming. Customers want those options, but they also want them to be streamlined, user-friendly, and available when and where they prefer.”

To that end, Rogers has designed its services like Ignite TV provides to facilitate what it calls an “effortless TV experience.” Features that have proven popular with its customers include user-friendly search interfaces (including Netflix and YouTube); voice-activated controls; mobile streaming apps; and advanced parental controls.

Part of that control also means enabling residents to enjoy their content on their terms, whether within the comfort of their condo or on the go. Herein, Stokes says mobile streaming apps; download & go functionality; and cloud PVR capabilities are also gaining in popularity: “Customers are becoming accustomed to tailored, mobile, and on-demand service in all aspects of their lives, so it’s no surprise they expect that level of control over their home entertainment.”

To each their own

Multi-residential communities may share the same expectations for internet and TV, but individual unit owners’ needs will always vary. As such, it’s important to offer choices when it comes to packages and pricing.

“There are no cookie-cutter solutions; it all depends on the customer’s needs,” agrees Stokes. “A family with three teenagers is going to have different needs than that of a single professional, which is why we always make sure to determine who is using the service, how often they intend to use it, how many devices they may require, and even when they plan on using it the most. That way we can advise them on what packages might work best and cater a solution – and price – for them.”

It doesn’t matter where Canadians call home. Expectations for fast, reliable, and consistently exceptional internet, TV, and phone service is universal. And as those expectations evolve, it pays to align with telecommunication partners who can keep pace.

Greg Stokes is Director of Sales with Rogers Communications. For more information, visit or call 1-888-764-3771.

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  1. OK but what’s happening with Internet? Neither Rogers or Bell offer WIFI 6 but at least Rogers allows me to connect it. Is Robers 1Gbps the limit. What will happen when Bell offers 10Gbps over their fiber?

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