Montreal, T.O. on list of priciest cities for hotels

Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Canadian cities joined the ranks of the world’s most expensive cities for hotels, according to, a multi-mode travel platform.

When compiling accommodation prices to simplify the route-planning process, GoEuro found Toronto and Montreal ranked 39 and 55 respectively out of 150 global cities.

As accommodation is still the number one expense among travellers, GoEuro also found that popular websites like Airbnb, along with the growth of the hostel industry, are part of a “new sharing economy” embraced by millennials who consider these factors when choosing a place to stay.

With these factors, including various hotel star levels, the top five expensive cities and their average cost per night are:

• New York, United States, $246

• St. Moritz, Switzerland, $183

• Macao, China, $168

• Miami, United States, $167

• Nassau, Bahamas, $150

Toronto ranked 39 at an average $93 per night, following Tokyo, Japan and preceding Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Additionally, Hogtown is reportedly more pricey than popular European destinations like Rome, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.

Montreal reached spot 55, in between Baden-Baden, Germany and Birmingham, United Kingdom.

At the bottom of the list, Sofia, Bulgaria, Hammamet, Tunisia and Tirana, Albania were the most affordable cities.

Looking at five-star hotels, Punta Cana ranked most expensive, while Antayla, Turkey was most affordable.

A complete list of the cities can be found in the GoEuro report.

GoEuro points out the report is based on a price ranking of the cities, not a comparison of different types of accommodation. Beside cities, the impartial price index study also looked at more than 60,000 properties to understand the price effect on the industry, while not factoring in local purchasing power.