Nova Scotia propels accessibility legislation

Nova Scotia propels accessibility legislation

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A 22-person panel from community and government organizations have released a report to guide the Nova Scotian government on accessibility legislation.

A set of recommendations that involved public feedback through 11 consultation meetings will lead up to phased-in standards so businesses and organizations understand the new laws.

“Some time will be afforded for organizations to be compliant, but not indefinitely,” said Joanne Bernard, minister of community services. “We need to continue to make progress, because we all gain when every Nova Scotian has access and is treated fairly,”

Bernard is forming a team to provide direction on the legislative drafting process, which will include identifying a detailed timeline and key checkpoints, along with developing an education and awareness plan

The government is expected to introduce the new accessibility laws in fall 2016.

Once in place, potential legislative milestones include eliminating barriers in employment, public spaces and buildings, service delivery and public transportation.